5 Indisputable Reasons Why White Label App Development Is More Profitable Than Custom App Development

Without a doubt, custom app creation is fantastic. However, so is a Ferrari.

What is the issue? They are not affordable to everyone.

White label app development allows small and medium-sized enterprises to add a mobile app to their suite without spending a large number of moneys.

So, if you are a mobile app reseller looking to build low-cost apps for clients, or a marketer looking to add mobile app development Florida to your suite of services, you should think about collaborating with a reputable white label app development business.

These firms have highly experienced developers and designers who can create high-quality apps with no branding. They are in charge of the backend, development, and design.

building apps with short turnaround periods and incredibly reasonable pricing.

After that, you can purchase the app, personalize the design and branding, and sell it to your clients. That is how you can become a mobile app reseller and develop a profitable career selling apps without ever having to code.

There are various advantages to reselling white-label apps over developing them yourself. That is what we will be discussing today. Here are all of the reasons why collaborating with white label app developers to supply apps to your clients is preferable to developing apps yourself. So, let’s get started.

1. There is no need to learn coding.

You’re reading this because you’re definitely intrigued with the emerging app economy. You notice that an increasing number of small businesses are considering adding a mobile app to their product offerings. Mobile apps are essential to the business, whether for increased customer service or to create an extra revenue channel.

Selling apps to these small enterprises at competitive costs is unquestionably profitable. And, with the help of a professional white label app development company, you can easily sell apps to a variety of organizations without having to create a single line of code.

You can truly construct excellent apps that rival custom apps on all levels if you hire the appropriate white label app developer to do the coding for you. This would enable you to target smart enterprises looking for high-quality software. You can personalize the app to suit not just your client’s branding but also their business aesthetics and voice if you have sufficient knowledge and study about them.

Instead of spending your days behind a laptop developing code, you can spend more time obtaining clients and assisting them in growing their businesses with your Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company.

2. Invest more time in networking and growing your clientele.

Any app developer will tell you that they struggle to find time for marketing.

Building amazing apps demands meticulous attention to detail, as well as best practices for writing clean code, improvising, iterating, and innovating. With so much on their plates already, developers don’t have time to do the one thing that actually pulls in customers – marketing.

As a reseller who does not need to code, you can spend your time every day prospecting new businesses and persuade them to purchase your app. You will be looking for clients who require apps, networking with SMBs, selling new businesses on the notion of using apps to develop their business, and much more.

The more clients you have and the more clients you acquire, the more money you’ll make from reselling apps.

With white label app development, you may expand your market and sell to more businesses while making more money.

3. Custom app development is more expensive than white label app development.

You’d need to hire designers, quality analysts, and project managers if you wanted to construct each software you sell to your clients. All of this is contingent on your willingness to code. If not, employing a developer to keep up with your client’s demand will increase the expense of engaging a full-fledged app development team.

For a medium-featured software, custom app creation with an in-house development team can cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Spending that kind of money is difficult unless you’re funded by Bill Gates himself.

Furthermore, after developing such an app, you will undoubtedly need to sell it at a greater price to clients in order to recoup your expenses and compensate your crew. Clients ready to spend much more for a mobile app development service are obviously more difficult to attract than clients for a more affordable white-label app.

The year 2023 has been a game changer. People who had never bought online before became exclusive digital customers, purchasing everything online, as the pandemic gripped the planet. Anyone who could offer an online shopping option quickly became the favored seller above others.

This transition to digital has widened the market for overblown app usage, with even your local shop lined up for a mobile app to retain clients.

Needless to say, not all of these establishments. Retailers and corporations can afford to pay for costly custom apps.

You may appeal to this large and diverse ecosystem of small businesses just entering the realm of mobile apps by reselling white-label apps. You can offer them low-cost mobile apps that are tailored to each client.

4. Custom App Development Comes with Far Too Many Administrative Challenges

Unless you are a rare breed of genius who can design apps, write code, and handle everything else that comes with app development, you will be required to perform far too many logistically difficult tasks.

If you want to build apps for clients yourself, you need to get into recruitment and do it well. You must hire professionals with varied abilities like as design, development, testing, and management.

You must either buy/rent a space for your office or handle the risks associated with remote teams.

You must regularly upskill yourself and your team, as well as keep current on app design and development trends. The education will not come to an end.

Dividing your time and energy between development and marketing can be exceedingly difficult.

You may avoid all of these headaches by working with a well-established white label app development business that has only produced apps for years.

Businesspeople have been working on the concept of value-added goods and services for millennia.

They let the manufacturers develop the fundamental product and then utilize their marketing and people talents to make that core product more useful to clients, resulting in a lot more money.

That is exactly what you do when you resell white-label apps.

5. Be More Versatile

Self-development of apps can frequently lead to getting constrained to a specific niche or market. You can devote all of your time and effort to developing one or two types of apps. But only on rare occasions.

Assume you design eCommerce software and become extremely proficient at it. You may come across a client who need an internal communications app, a SaaS software, or a B2B app. You may find yourself in unfamiliar ground and begin to doubt your devotion to this business.

A competent app development business with extensive and broad experience will enable you to confidently deal with all of these clients and more.


To summarize, if marketing and resale are your talents, you shouldn’t waste your time behind a computer creating code simply so your clients may have an app.

White label app creation has grown into a vast, diverse sector that creates low-cost apps that are beautiful, practical, and robust. At Linkitsoft, With the level of customizing that current white-label apps provide, you can actually provide your clients with a highly complex app that looks and functions to the highest standards, all at a very inexpensive price.

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