5 VERY Rare HERMES Bags of 2024

5 VERY Rare Hermes Bags of 2024. These special limited edition bags are only for Hermes most important clients (VIC’s) and they can only purchase up two a calendar year. 

Starting from the bottom we have a Mini Kelly 20cm in Matte Alligator – color could be Craie or Mushroom. This exotic Mini Kelly is still on everyone’s wish list and this price of this little cutie keeps going up and up. This might be the most sought after bag at Hermes right now! 

The next bag we move on to is the Hermes Mini Picnic Kelly Bag. This Osterier (wicker) bag is of course handmade however each wicker piece is hand braided and made into the shape of the bag which is very time consuming plus this Hermes Limited Edition is quite expensive and of course going up each day. 

The middle Hermes bag, which a little hard to see, is a Hermes Faubourg Winter bag as it is in white representing the snow covering the Faubourg store in Paris. There are four different versions of this bag all the way from the store at night to the store during the day. These Faubourg Birkins are highly collectible and will be on every collectors list until the end of time. This Faubourg Birkin is so rare as it contains different types of leathers and exotic leathers plus colors!

Moving down the line, we have the Hermes Colormatic Kelly. This bag debuted last year with some hype however this bag is not as desired as the other 4 – plus this would be the lowest price bag in the bunch here – still demanding a 5 figure price though. This beautiful Colormatic Kelly comes with different color leathers around the bag plus a front pocket, which is not normally on the Hermes Kelly bag – making it a Limited Edition. 

Finally, last but not least, is the infamous Hermes Himalayan Birkin Bag!! This is the Hermes Holy Grail bag as this Hermes bag commands the most money at auctions and is EXTREMELY hard to get from the Hermes boutique or for a VIC to get offered one of these gorgeous bags. One of the reasons the Hermes Himalayan Birkin is so expensive and rare is the dying process of the hide to make it look like the Himalayan Mountains. It is absolutely beautiful and will only keep moving up on the 6 figure price list!

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