How Can Parents Help Children Learn The Quran Quickly?

Parents play a vital role in children's life especially in education. Learn how parents help in learning the Quran quickly and effectively.

Tips For Parents To Make Quran Learning Fast & Easy For Kids

Parents are role models for their children. They are the foundation on which their children’s educational abilities are constructed. Every Muslim parent wants to raise children who are inspired by the Quran and Sunnah.

Raising inherently moral children is not only a dream but also a responsibility for parents. However, it has become extremely difficult in past years. Because parents are busy with many other daily tasks. 

But still, by adopting some habits and using simple tips parents can help their children in learning the Quran quickly.

Here are some helpful tips for teaching your child to learn the Quran properly.

Tips for Parents to Make Quran Learning Easy For Kids 

Make Routine 

Parents must develop and keep to a schedule for their children in order to make studying the Quran easier for them.

Parents must make sure that their children have a specific learning plan in mind and that they are assigned a fixed time slot to study.

You must ensure that your children remain constant in their studies, even if they only study one verse every day. There should be no gaps in the understanding of children when it comes to the holy book.

Share the Benefits of Learning Quran   

Enhance their understanding before starting. Inform them of the importance of learning and memorizing the Quran. Also, present them with some real-life instances to help them comprehend. Make them aware of the Quran’s unique abilities. This will spark their curiosity about learning.

Even if They Fail, Appreciate Them

At an early age, children, like any other topic, find it difficult to read and grasp. If they don’t learn, don’t become frustrated or upset. You also shouldn’t make them feel bad about their mistake.

Accept them as they are and assist them in feeling at ease with their faults. Share your own personal educational activities from childhood. It’s crucial to realize that making errors might help you learn more and widen your understanding. Never miss congratulating a youngster who is attempting to learn.

Begin With Small Verses

Children are unable to concentrate for long periods of time while they are little. As a result, you should need them to listen to the Quran for a limited period of time at the start.

When it comes to Quran recitation, you might start with reciting short Surahs to your children. Your youngsters will have an easier way of understanding and memorizing the subject because the verses are shorter.

Hire An Online Quran Teacher

If you live in a non-Arabic-speaking nation and don’t have the time or skills to teach your children the Quran, the right solution is to find a qualified Quran tutor over the internet to learn Quran online for children. Online Quran learning is easy to approach. You kid can learn Quran in a safe and secure environment. 

Give Them Different Task

Add a timer to make it more engaging. Make it a goal for the students to finish recitation in a certain amount of time while reciting higher pitched. This will help you improve your reciting efficiency. It will also be enjoyable for the kids.

Give Them Reward

Keep a Quran notebook and reward your children when they need it. It will work well with younger children who may not comprehend the significance of this. If your child is three years old and you are teaching him or her the Quran, giving them presents at each achievement might encourage them to continue.

Make Your Kid To Listen To Quran Recitation 

Continue to play the audio recitation of the Quran in the presence of your children as they grow older. It is critical for children to become familiar with the Quran since this will make it easier for them to read and remember the Quran in the future.

Celebrate Their Little Achievements

Completing a chapter in Qaida, reciting difficult words, pronouncing words correctly, or maybe remembering letter sounds. All of this appears to be very common in an adult. For a kid,  they are great accomplishments.

As a result, as a parent, you must celebrate their small victories. A bar of chocolate, any toy, a favorite dinner, or even a long journey to a park or museum might make them feel successful.


It is a significant responsibility to educate the Quran to children. Making your children a good Muslim is perhaps one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Every action of a Muslim must be guided by the Quran.

Parents should try to teach their children but if they are too busy and find it difficult. They can switch to  learn Quran Online. There are many skillful and experienced  Quran tutors. Who can help children to learn Quran quickly 

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