How to delete your Instagram account?

If you’ve decided to remove Instagram either because you’ve grown tired of your need to have a specific fiesta or because the subsidiary company Meta is causing controversy once more the process isn’t as simple or quick as it ought to be. In the past, it wasn’t possible to do it through the Instagram application.

Take time to create a mandatory “I’m deleting Instagram” post If you’d like. Then, there are two options for how to do it.


The simplest method to do this would be to use the Instagram application for your phone, although it’s not accessible to all users. To find out if it’s you can go to your profile, then tap the hamburger menu on the upper right-hand corner and choose Settings. Next, go to Account and scroll to the end of the list. You will see a ” how many reports to delete Instagram account.

If you do and you tap it, it will open a menu that asks whether you’d like to remove or deactivate your accountant you’ll find more about the alternatives under this “Temporarily suspending your Instagram account” section of this tutorial. Clicking “Delete account” will bring up a menu. Pressing the “Delete account” button will display a message stating that you have the option of stopping the process of deletion by the specified date when you log in again. Click “Red” to activate the “Continue deleting account button,” and the application will guide you through the remaining steps.

If you do not possess an option to “Delete Account” option, you can test it on the internet, in the manner described below.


If you aren’t able to make use of the app to remove your account, you’ll need to go through these procedures to remove your account. They can be completed using your phone or computer provided you’re using a web browser.

  • To begin, visit Instagram’s account removal page to request the removal of your account. It’s located here, or follow the link on Instagram’s help for account deletion. If you’re not connected to Instagram on the internet (most people aren’t) then you’ll need to input your username and password. In reality, you’ll likely need to type your password twice during the process of deletion, and now is an ideal moment to be aware of what your password is.
  • You’ll end up on an account page that displays the old Instagram logo as well as an option to tell you what you’re looking to do to remove your account. Based on the option you pick; you could receive several ways to contact Instagram’s help center offering to resolve your issue or a helpful reminder reminding you to verify which account you’re going to delete.
  • Whatever you choose to prefer, there’ll be a checkbox below the links which asks you to type in your password.

As Instagram mentions several times on its Account deletion pages, the account data will not be deleted immediately. Meta will keep it for 30 days. Meta will store it for 30 days. However, your account and posts will be removed from the platform.

If you’re breaking up with Instagram, make sure to uninstall the app on your phone, too. This will free up some space, and also create some friction between yourself and signing to the service.


Be aware that you’ll not be able to restore your account if it’s been more than 30 days since you requested Instagram to remove it. You’ll need to create a new profile (your account’s username is removed when your account is deleted, however, someone may have used the account).


If you’d like to delete your account from access, but don’t wish to permanently erase all your messages and photos You may suspend your account instead.

Also, Meta makes you use the website version of Instagram instead of using the Instagram app however, at least you don’t need to find an account from a guide.

  • After logging in to Go to your profile and then click on Edit profile (if your account is on a mobile-friendly browser, you’ll need to click the settings button to open an option).
  • In the next tab, select “Edit Profile”> “Temporarily disable my account” (it’ll appear on the end). To delete the account, you’ll need to choose a reason for why that account has been suspended and then enter your password.

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