For parents in waiting, the decision of a pram or stroller is usually based on visual appeal. In a short time and your pram may turn into an expense-conscious white elephant ineffective and painful experience. This article will look at how to pick a baby that looks good but is also a good fit for your life.


For many parents-in-waiting, understanding the best way to pick a stroller that is suitable for your needs is often difficult until you fall into the trap of purchasing the wrong one! So, it is common for parents to purchase a baby solely based on aesthetics without considering their lifestyle. In a short time and the pram could become an extravagant white elephant not suited for the task and complete pain

The selection of a functional, practical stroller or pram, that will last throughout the various stages of a child’s life is a matter of careful consideration to ensure that it meets your and your baby’s needs throughout each stage of infanthood.

We at Baby Train, work hard to provide every family with the ideal pram, recognizing that each family’s needs are different, and each family’s way of life is unique. To make sure you fully understand how to select the best baby stroller for you and your children, we’ve created an overview of the most common lifestyles to help you make the best choice.


For parents who have to transport their infant in the car regularly the most important thing to consider is the ability of a pram to swiftly and effortlessly fold up into the size that it can fit into the back of your car – usually with a single hand operation. It must also be light enough to be able to be lifted, but also solid, safe, and durable. Anyone who has needed to wake a sleepy child from the car and move it into prams can attest that using an infant car seat that is compatible with prams is a blessing and makes the process of moving a sleeping baby easy (and easy) procedure. If you’re uncertain about the best pram to suit your needs contact an expert from our team now.


If you are planning to integrate the routine of exercise to your baby’s daily airing routine, the best choice for you is the baby pram that joggers particularly for infants. The rumbling of the pram could result in dangerous jarring and squeezing movements, and only prams that are specifically designed to take on high-frequency vibration. Joggers can be folded in for convenient transport or for shopping trips while providing your baby with a smooth and comfortable ride.

When choosing the perfect pram to jog, be sure to consider accessories that will ensure that the experience is safer and more comfortable for you and your child, for example:

Straps for the wrist to ensure that pram is in your hands throughout the day.

Drink holders to enable you to drink water frequently.

Multi-position canopy designed to keep the sun from baby’s eyes.

Rain canopy.

Ample storage.


If you’re blessed with twins or a baby and a toddler, double prams are available in a range of sizes and shapes, such as:

Side by side

Tandem one behind the other

Top and bottom

New parents often tend to prefer the side-by-side pram because they provide easy access for babies and allow you to monitor the infant throughout the day. Contemporary prams are constructed with a smaller body to enable them to be more easily maneuvered through the narrow access zones. Tandem prams are ideally suited for an infant/toddler or two toddlers in a configuration. The smaller size of their bodies makes access points much easier to use. Modern designs that are compact have reduced the size of these strollers with rubber wheels which makes them more user-friendly and versatile.


Prams and strollers that are often used on buses, trams, or trains should be light narrow, compact, and able to be maneuvered within small spaces. To this end, strollers that can be fully reclined, like those from the Baby Monster Fast pram, could be the best choice to complete the task. Even in the smallest areas, paired along with carrier sling strollers can be folded and stored away to keep them from interfering with other passengers.

Shop online or visit one of our convenient stores and explore our flexible and affordable collection of top-quality strollers, prams, and other accessories.

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