Is a dog bark collar good for dogs?

The bark collar for dogs is a very widespread and widely used tool, however, before acquiring it, it is essential to know what it is really for, how it works and the side effects that its use can cause in dogs. Have you been advised to use it? Do you want to know more about its power or effectiveness?

The Electric Dog Collar (or Training Collar)

What many owners know as a “bark collar” is actually an “electric dog collar” also called a “training collar”. It basically consists of an adjustable collar that has a device that emits electrical and/or vibratory stimuli. The intensity will vary depending on the specific model, but in general it is around 6 volts.

This tool is very useful when we want to educate and train a deaf dog, because the vibration mode allows us to call the dog’s attention to ask or teach him certain obedience commands. However, there is another functionality that consists of emitting electric shocks when the dog barks or leaves the perimeter, automatically. Likewise, the guardian can also manually shock the dog in response to a behavior.

But how does it work? This tool uses positive punishment, that is to say, it provokes an aversive when the dog performs a certain behavior, with the objective that it stops performing it. It also uses negative reinforcement, i.e. the aversive is maintained until the dog stops performing the behavior.

How to prevent a dog from barking?

We must understand barking as one of the many forms of communication of the dog, besides, not all types of barking are the same and have the same meaning. Some may show alertness in the presence of strangers, while others will appear when left alone, as a way of expressing their distress. To solve this problem we must find out why our dog barks and, only then, we will be able to start working, always prioritizing positive education.

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