IVR Surveys By Phone

We’ll explain why phone IVR surveys are the most effective and economical way to get real-time market research and consumer feedback. IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, permits automated phone conversations with survey participants. They can participate in the poll using the keypad on their phone or voice recognition. Even open-ended responses are feasible with a speech-to-text connection. We’ll go through some of the fundamentals of what the IVR means, fundamental survey considerations, and even more complex concepts like skip logic. But first, the numbers behind why you should think about conducting IVR survey over the phone:

IVR Voice Surveys Provide:

Up to 3X More Responses: Post-call voice surveys through your contact centre can have response rates that are greater than 35%. Inbound and outbound voice surveys often have a substantially higher response rate than emailed internet surveys.
Data with Statistical Significance You can notice both negative and positive trends thanks to proven greater response rates.
Immediate feedback: Identify issue areas quickly to enable beneficial and significant improvements.
Automated administration: Removes interviewer bias, enabling you to get more accurate and useful data.
Immediate Alerts: For unfavourable SMS, email, fax, or instant messaging responses. Make quick, significant changes.
Available in multiple languages to reach a larger audience of prospective responses
Complete Reporting: Tools make the data analysis process simpler.

Starting Out With Voice Surveys

The majority of customer satisfaction or market research surveys begin in written form with delivery on paper or the internet in mind. An interactive voice survey normally won’t function well with this format. To get correct responses, your participants will need both succinct instructions and an interesting flow. Here are a few examples of things to think about:


We appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey; it shouldn’t take you longer than one and a half minutes. We respect your viewpoint.
“Your Company Name” will use the results of this survey to enhance your interaction with customers.
Your complete confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed in this survey. Before responding, kindly pay attention to the full question.


Please rate using the numbers on your phone’s keypad on a scale of 1 to 5. For your satisfaction with “Your Company Name” on the following call-related factors, where one is unsatisfactory and five is good.
Press 9 to request a repetition of the question. Press 0 to have the instructions read again.

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