Microcement – ​​That’s why you should choose Betonlook!

Do you want to use microcement in the home to create smooth surfaces that require low maintenance? Using microcement or concrete as surfaces in the home is a fashionable and popular solution that creates a raw and industrial look. Among the most popular products in cement and concrete is microcement. Microcement is a smaller layer of cement that can be added to all types of surfaces in the home. The product is often offered as part of the range of professional professionals and craftsmen.

But for those of you who want to do it yourself, microcement is a difficult solution that creates a wide range of challenges. Betonlook is an alternative for you who want a cheaper, easier solution that can be laid without the use of professional craftsmen. The biggest difference between the two types of concrete or cement is that base concrete is already ready-mixed upon receipt, and that you therefore do not have to ensure the correct mixing ratios yourself.

What is microcement?

In recent years, the raw, clean and urban look has really moved into Danish homes. This modern trend has led to more people replacing the classic surfaces with concrete or cement. While many choose cement as the surface in their new construction, microcement or concrete look is also often added in connection with the renovation of an older home. 

Microcement, which is also called microbeton, consists of a smaller layer of cement. The cement is formed by the right mixing ratio between water and cement and often a dye is also added to create the desired color shade. Classic  microcement therefore consists of three different mixed products, which together form just the right hardness. 

Concrete look in several colours, and with several different finishes, including both matt and smooth. In fact, the ready-mixed base concrete is available in up to 74 beautiful standard colours , and if you want another unique color mixture, you can also order exactly the color that will suit you. 

Concrete look can be used as an alternative to tiles in the kitchen, utility room or bathroom. In addition, microcement can also be cast as a coating on your worktop, and can also be used to create a uniform and smooth appearance on  walls and floors . Many choose  microcement throughout the home, thus creating a consistently raw style across the home’s rooms. 

Advantages of microcement

Concrete look creates a raw and modern look for your home, but in addition to a smart and modern look, there are a number of advantages to cement. 

Easy to clean 

Concrete look is easy to clean. With a microcement floor, you can manage the cleaning with a mild soap and a floor mop. At the same time, the smooth surface means that you avoid unevenness in the surface, and that you can therefore cope with cleaning both faster and without problems. If you have a microcement floor, however, you should be aware that in order to preserve the shiny surface, you should supplement the cleaning by smearing the floor with wax approximately once a year. 

Wear-resistant surface

With microcement, you get a  surface  with high abrasion resistance , which has the perfect hardness. However, in order to achieve the perfect surface, it is necessary to ensure the optimal chemical reaction, which is why microcement should be laid by authorized craftsmen. If you choose Betonlook, you can lay cement yourself without the help of professionals , as you receive Betonlook ready-mixed and ready for application. 

Fashionable colors

If you want to create a certain color expression, or if you want a colored wall to decorate the interior, microcement is available in several different colours. At the same time, you can create a unique color by increasing or decreasing the amount of pigments in the color mixture.  

Long durability 

If you remember to maintain the microcement and wax the surface at least once a year, the coating can last for many years to come. 

Where can Betonlook be used?

Betonlook microcement can be used on virtually all surfaces, including as wall cladding, for floors, furniture or as a covering on the terrace. Concrete floor for the bedroom

Many people choose to install Betonlook throughout the home. It creates a consistent, consistent and modern look that can last for many years to come. At the same time, the floor requires low maintenance, is durable and easy to clean. If you choose to put Betonlook in the bedroom, you will therefore get a penetrating and raw look. In addition to Betonlook as a hard-wearing concrete floor, base concrete can be used as wall cladding. Here you can follow fashion with a colored wall – and Betonlook will create just the right matte lime-like look. If you invite Betonlook into your bedroom, you can spice up the decor with wood, knitwear and cushions at the same time, so that you create the perfect contract between the raw look and the soft elements.

Betonlook is your do-it-yourself solution

Concrete look and microcement are two sides of the same coin, and the end result is largely the same. However, base concrete can be used by everyone, both private and professional, and if you have the courage for a do-it-yourself project, you can save money on the tradesman’s bill. At the same time, there are a number of other advantages to using Betonlook. 

Unlike  microcement, Betonlook is delivered ready-mixed, and is ready for use directly from the container. Betonlook is faster to apply than regular microcement and at the same time dries faster than the alternatives. While it takes up to five days for  microcement to be mixed so that it can be walked on, it goes faster with base concrete. Your base concrete coating dries in just 2.3 days, and is therefore ideal for a DIY weekend project. 

Betonlook attaches easily to the substrate, is durable, flexible and durable. At the same time, it is in itself a waterproof surface coating, and you therefore do not need additional coating for a waterproof surface. At the same time, the product is UV- resistant , so you will not experience changes in color or finish, even after many years. 

Like microcement, concrete look is easy to clean and maintain. There are no joints or cracks in the surface, and Betonlook can therefore be cleaned with a floor mop and a mild soap. This makes it a very hygienic coating, which is suitable for all families, including families with children or families with pets at home.

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