The dating life in 2024 is getting more and more complicated. More and more men find themselves single with no wife or companion. This is happening a lot in the Western world where women are extremely independent these days and many of them don’t even feel they need a man. 

Not to mention the fact that many women are very materialistic these days and they are looking for a guy that can “provide”. 

This behavior is causing a lot of frustration and disappointment between men.  Not all men are wealthy and the majority of them have a regular job and a regular income. Millions of men find themselves single these days and are having a very hard time getting out of the dating scene. 

On TikTok and Instagram, a new movement called Passport Bros have been emerging. 

Who are these Passport Bros? Passport Bros are men who are fed up from the dating scene in their country, that they have decided to grab their passports and travel overseas to find a girlfriend, wife or companionship. Their main travelling destinations are The Philippines and Thailand. 

Women in those countries are extremely kind, gentle and are looking to develop a relationship with a guy. They are not too influenced by the social media compared to the US and Europe. They absolutely love foreign men and prefer Westerners over a local guy. 

Thailand for example is home to 60 million people but 4 million are foreigners living there and they run local businesses or work in Real Estate.  It’s also a major touristic spot and it’s the HUB for the Passport Bros . 

Another good destination for Passport Bros is Colombia. This country in South America is very visited by foreigners. Women there are very beautiful and kind. Foreign men love the way local women look but from my understanding, the level of English is extremely low making it hard to communicate with locals. Colombia would be a great Passport Bros destination if the foreign man would speak Spanish. 

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