A Snuggle Bugz mom of two gives her advice on Advertising Agency buying the latest stroller. No matter if you’re about to have your first child or upgrading to a twin (or triple!) stroller, here are some tips to remember.


It is important to be transparent about how you’ll be using your stroller on a daily basis. When I was expecting my first child, I was a little enthralled that I would be a Jogging Stroller. Thus, I needed a three-wheel stroller.

 But this was contrary to reality since I can recall the number of occasions I’ve gone for the occasional jog. When I look at myself, I see that I’m more of an “in the car and out’ woman who takes a walk once or twice and a three-wheeled, all-terrain stroller wasn’t the ideal option for me. I wanted something easy to take in and out of my trunk and could navigate the tight aisles of the mall with ease!


If you and your significant others have significant height differences, you’ll need a stroller that has an extendable handlebar. If you have an animal in your home, then a stroller with one handle is the best way to go so that you can take your dog and baby out for a walk without having to worry about tipping to the side of the road!

 This single-handle bar is ideal for coffee-drinking moms (who aren’t in need of a cup of coffee after becoming a mother?) and for those who are prone to having an occasional “Instagram browse” while the baby takes a nap. Stroll!


People say that “eyes are the window to your soul,” and with regards to strollers, their wheels are the best! If you are planning to run with your baby, you’ll need the 3-wheeled stroller, or when you reside in the countryside or travel on roads that are gravel, you’ll require a stroller with sturdy, all-terrain tires—the larger tires, the greater gutsy the stroller. Avoid plastic wheels because they wear out quickly and are not able to absorb shocks. You should look for foam or air-filled tires as well as all-wheel suspension.


Strollers have evolved a lot. They are constructed well and durable and are able to expand as your children grow. If you’re planning to have more than one child, it is worth considering one stroller that you can be converted to an additional double later on. This will help you save money and avoid an overflowing garage with strollers should you have more children.


If you think everyone believes they are entitled to tell you what would be the most effective for your family (because it was what they did for themselves). This is not the case! You are the best judge of that. For instance, my sons both loved the bassinet, and they loved stretching out and lying down in it. This was a must-have for me in a stroller. However, it might not be the case for you. Because not all strollers on the market offers every feature- think about the bigger picture of what YOUR essentials are.


Strollers are costly. However, I believe the right stroller is worth it. You’ll use it every day for steering, lifting, folding, and pushing. So do your homework! I can assure you that if you are a fan of your stroller, you will not think that it’s a waste!

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