Why a diode laser is better than IPL solutions?

Professional hair removal can be tricky. Some beauty salons claim to have the best gear for the job, but in fact they’re using IPL tools only. Why is this a problem? What are the benefits of diode lasers for depilation? The answer is waiting for you below.

Professional lasers for depilation

A successful hair removal requires drastic measures. We simply must damage the hair follicle in order to stop the growth. At the same time, we can’t hurt the skin. To do it right, a hair depilation laser is needed. It is a safe device and powerful enough to provide you with a satisfactory effect that can last for weeks.

Is an IPL laser a real laser at all?

The answer is: no. Hair depilation professionals sometimes say they work with an IPL laser, but that term is misleading. An IPL device uses intense pulse light. It can’t be focused into a beam, which is something that real lasers for depilation do. As a result, they are much more efficient. A focused beam of light can deal with hair roots permanently, whereas an IPL tools can’t.

Furthermore, they are not precise because the light isn’t focused. It spreads all around and can heat the skin surrounding the hair root. Too much of that and the tissue gets irritated. Hair follicles, on the other hand, can become modified in a way that makes depilation more difficult and time-consuming. That means more visits to a beauty salon than you actually want.

The benefits of a diode laser in a hair removal process

A diode laser is far more precise in comparison to an IPL solution. Because the light doesn’t dissipate, it hits the target directly, causing the damage where it is actually needed. The patient’s skin is therefore safe. That also allows operators to disable hair cells with greater effectiveness. The laser is strong, you know. And it can be strengthened even more in order to increase the results. Hair roots take more damage, so it is harder for them to rebuilt their structure. After a few sessions, they are gone altogether.

How long does it take to depilate hair with a laser?

Well, not all diode lasers are the same. The good ones are much more efficient, though. No matter which body part is undergoing the procedure, they can disable up to 95% of hair roots. It can be completed with just 1 session, but this is not a rule. All depends on your personal requirements and hair condition. To keep the effect, the procedure ought to be repeated every 5-6 weeks. The IPL treatments require more procedures, and they must be repeated more often.

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